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Hand Dyed Hoodie with Zipper

Hand Dyed Hoodie with Zipper

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This listing is for a hoodie WITH ZIPPER. If you would like a hoodie without a zipper, go here: 

Each hoodie is custom made and will ship within 3 weeks. Most ship sooner, but this time allows potential need to order your size from supplier, plus the usual dye, batch, rinse, and dry time.

**These hoodies fit slightly narrow and long and they're not as stretchy as some hoodies. I recommend sizing up.**

Care instructions: Machine wash cold, inside out, with like colors. Like dry, or tumble dry low. Do not iron.

The thread of the garment does not take dye, and remains white/light colored. You can see this in the example photos.

**Your hoodie will differ from the colorway photo.** These photos indicate colorway only, and not dye placement, pattern, etc. if you are not comfortable with the varying nature of artistically hand dyed results, please do not order.

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