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18/2Nm Merino/Brushtail Possum/Mulberry Silk Yarn

18/2Nm Merino/Brushtail Possum/Mulberry Silk Yarn

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1 kilogram cone

65% Ultra fine ZQ Merino
25% Brushtail Possum Down
10% Mulberry Silk

This yarn is an ivory color and dyes amazingly with the acid method.

Yarn Weight: 18/2Nm 9,000m per kg (it's comparable to 10/2Ne)
Weight: -/+ 5%

Brushtail Possums aren't native to NZ, and because they have no natural predators there, the overgrown possum population is doing immense damage to the native ecosystem. The possum fiber for this yarn is sourced ethically via the NZ government's conservation program. 

The ZQ Merino supply chain is fully traceable, and the merino used in this yarn is 15.5 microns.

The mulberry silk is sourced from China and is 11 microns. 

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