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Leaf Peeper - Handpainted Warp - 120 ends

Leaf Peeper - Handpainted Warp - 120 ends

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7/2ne hemp/organic cotton yarn (labeled 7/2, but is near 3300ypp)

Measured 12 meters, pre-dye (will yield between 9-10m finished fabric, depending on loom waste) 

120 ends (5 inches width, sett at 24epi, 6 inches sett at 20epi)

20-24 epi (I use it at 24epi for weight - bearing twill variation weave cloth)

Every chain has one 2x2 cross on one end

YES, you can beam these sectionally! I have no issues beaming 120 ends in my 2" sections.  Just space your warp out across the beam to be similar to your width through the reed (join our Facebook group for images).

Because these warps are hand-dyed, no two warps will be identical, but they will be similar enough to use together.

Each warp has a tag located at the cross, and every warp chain is tied at the cross and near each end. You can add more ties, as needed. 

Please look over the warp carefully when you get it. Returns are accepted, in original condition, for a refund or exchange. We offer no refunds on initial nor return shipping costs.

The warps are rinsed until clear after dyeing, but in my experience, the woven cloth may discharge dye in the water the first time you wash it. It's advisable to initially wash your woven cloth in cold water with a color catcher, especially when combining high-contrast warps. Do not bleach.


Join us in the Looming Llama Yarns Facebook group for information about using Looming Llama warps, to share your progress and product photos, and to share tips and information about Looming Llama warps and weaving in general.

Warps are shipped USPS first class within 5 business days.

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