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USED - Lot of Nurture Soap Fragrance Oils

USED - Lot of Nurture Soap Fragrance Oils

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Fragrance oils!

When I was hyperfocused on soapmaking and wax melts (2022), I did that thing where I had to smell all the smells. Hopefully I can make someone else's hyperfocus happy. 😅


I have 3 different brands, so I'll eventually list lots of each. I'm starting with Nurture Soap.


I have looked up all prices & did the calculations – this whole lot would be $347.36 new, for the amounts left in the bottles. I'll take $199, which includes shipping to the US. I will tape all the caps prior to shipping. 


*******I will not be able to ship 8/2-8/6, so if you purchase after 7/31, it will not ship until 8/7, at the earliest (and it may be 8/8).*******


The percentage is how full the bottle is.

16oz Chocolate Indulgence 80% full

4oz Afternoon Tea 85% 

4oz Afternoon Tea 50%

8oz The Devil's Door 75%

8oz Juicy Pear 90%

4oz Bourbon Street 40%

8oz Cherry Almond 100%

4oz Cherry Almond 10%

4oz Butterfly Garden 30%

15.5oz Smell the Rainbow 85%

4oz Earth Meets Sky 50%

4oz Kismet 40%

4oz Pumpkin Party 60%

4oz 3 Wise Men 100%

4oz Comfort & Joy 95%

4oz Sunshine on My Mind 50%

4oz Pheromone 50%

4oz Sunkissed Cocoa 100% (appears to have been discontinued)

4oz High Priest 30%

4oz Eucalyptus & Mint (30%)

4oz Vanilla Cream 60%

4oz Vanilla Cream 85%

4oz Caramel & Honey 50%

4oz Cavalier 45%

4oz Bergamot & Honey 90%

4oz Caramel Coffee 85%

4oz Avalon 65%

4oz Champagne 60%

4oz Creation 60% (appears to have been discontinued)

4oz Winter Wonderland

4oz Sugared Strawberry

4oz Lavender & Chamomile 5%

4oz Seventh Heaven 50%

4oz Maiden Rose 90%

1oz Maiden Rose 100%

4oz Autumn Equinox 50%

1oz Island Oasis 40%

1oz Peace & Love 90%

1oz Botanical Bliss 80%


Everything below is 100% full 1oz

Coconut Lime Verbena

The Grim Reaper


Femme Fatale

Lilac Blossoms


Orange Cognac


Ginger & Lime


Harlequin Romance

Blackberry Ambrosia

Poison Apple


Mad about Mint


Seven Isles

New Beginnings

8th & Ocean

Foxy Lady


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